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दक्षिण क्षेत्रीय विद्युत समिति Southern Regional Power Committee

Southern Regional Power Committee (SRPC) was constituted in pursuance of Govt of India , Ministry of Power resolution No.F.No.23/1/2004- R&R under Sub-Section (55) of section 2 of the Electricity Act,2003 where in it envisages establishment of Regional Power Committees (RPCs), by a resolution of the Central Goverment for a specified region for facilitating the efficient integrated operation of the power system which has been ratified by resolution dated 25-05-2005,of Ministry of POwer (MoP),Govt of India .The same was ammended vide MoP resulution dated Nov,2005 and May 2008.

The S.R.P.C Secretariat is headed by Member Secretary, who is of the rank of Joint Secretary to the Govt. Of India. He is over all in charge of S.R.P.C secretariat having financial power of the Head of the Department.Member Secretary looks after Southern Region comprising of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and UT of Puducherry.Main functions of the Office of SRPC have been listed on functions


Superintending Engineer heads commercial circle , Who is of the level of Director in the Central Goverment.. Issuance of Unscheduled Interchange Accounts & reactive Energy Accounts on weekly basis (by Tuesday), issuance of Regional Energy Accounts (REA) on monthly basis and conducting of Commercial Committee Meeting on a quarterly basis are the main responsibilities. Resolution of commercial issues pertaining to the region, attending to the petition of CERC as respondent, representing S.R.P.C secretariat in CERC hearing and representing S.R.P.C on Expert Committee for recommendation schemes on power are some other important functions.

प्रचालान OPERATION

Operation circle is headed by Superintending Engineer , Who is of the level of Director in the Central Goverment. His main function includes organizing monthly meeting of Operation Co-Ordination Committee, preparations of Monthly progress report and Annual report, preparation of LGB Reports, Certification of Transmission line availability of PGCIL. Preparation of data on notified power cuts in the constituent systems in SR region, Allocation of unallocated quota of central sectors stations. .

संरक्षण एवं अध्ययन PROTECTION & STUDIES

Protection circle is headed by Superintending Engineer, , Who is of the level of Director in the Central Goverment. His main function includes organizing meetings of Protection Committee and working group on protection. Review of protection schemes like Under Frequency Load Shedding, df/dt load shedding and intern schemes to ensure integrated operation of the GRID. System Studies to assess requirement of reactive compensation, associated with standing committee on Power System Planning for Southern Region and analysis of thermal station in the region.